About kennel "Iz Moskovskoy Metely"


Welcome to our website dedicated to the wonderful dog.

My name is Olga Kashitsina and I am the breeder in kennel 

We are glad to present you the dog that will make you totally happy . “Snow laika”, “White Cloud”, “Furry Bliss”, “Infinite loyality” – there are many definitions people give to Samoyed, that has become the essential part of our life. At the page “Our Dogs” you can see the photos of our dogs.

This breed has long and interesting history that began when northern Siberian people called Samoyeds used this amazing dogs as their companions. So what makes this breed so special?  They are clever and not  aggressive, always ready to play with you and your kids. They are faithful friends and cheerful companions.

We breed dogs for showand for family. Our kennel officially exists since 2002, but our first pet was born in 1996. Since then all the breed dogs have been given the highest prizes at different competitions as you can see visiting “Show results” page.

We are glad to offer you to buy a puppy of excellent  quality, exterior and health. By the way all our breed dogs have passed the dysplasia and eyes diseases tests the results of which will be shown to you.

We guarantee the quality of the breed and we shall give you all support you need whether it is breeding, feeding, grooming, handling or any other question.  We also offering a  zoo taxi and a Zoo hotel.